WMA-Weathered Metal Art

November 18, 2016


June 29, 2016

2nd art show-25

A Wood Knot

May 25, 2016

Art 2014-Wood Knot-AD

Metal Flowers

May 11, 2016

Art Piece-2014-Metal Flowers-1


A Skeleton Crew

April 20, 2016

A Skeleton Crew-2014-2-AD


April 6, 2016


Weaving of metal, found objects; Mixed Media


March 23, 2016

Much joy comes from my expressing myself within the field of art through found objects, paper and nature. Amazingly much can be found in washes, streets, roads and trash that enable me to express my interpretations and feelings that come from all of these treasures.

Composition in Patterns- Watercolor

Hand painted water colors on deli paper on painted white wood background.

Paper and Plexiglass

February 24, 2016

Paper and Plexiglass

Paper and Plexiglass

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